Welcome to the Divinity Minecraft
User Area

: 2xIntel QC 3 Ghz
: 16GB DDR3
: 1 Gbps
: 8355

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default Rank:

  • /help --------- Help :)
  • /sethome --- Set your Home Point for Teleporting
  • /home ------- Go to your Home Point
  • /list ----------- Online player List
  • /mail --------- Send Player an Mail if he isnt Online
  • /msg -------- Send Player a Privage Message
  • /rules -------- Rules, read it!
  • /warp -------- Info of the Warp Teleport Points
  • /spawn ----- Teleport to the SpawnPoint
  • /lwc ---------- Important to save your Chests

Builder Rank:

  • /mc 3 -------- To fly on a Carpet
  • /stack -------- Stacking Items in the Inventory
  • /tpa ----------- Teleport Players
  • /tpaccept ---- Accept the Teleport

NiceBuilder Rank:

  • Creating Shops

Veteran Rank:

  • /bigtree ------ Creating a Tree
  • /godmode --- Godmode
  • /back --------- Teleport to the last Position

Donator Rank:

  • /md ----------- Transforming into Creatures!
  • /feed ---------- Feed yourself!



The server has been updated, and one of the majorish features worth a mention is that ender dragons on the Member and new Guest world ender realms will now respawn every couple hours after being slain. They still drop an egg, but will not create portals back to the main world like they do naturally. Enjoy!